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Becoming a Seller

What is the Blogger's Closet - Kids Edition?

The Blogger’s Closet – Kids Edition is a Facebook group designed for Mom Bloggers to sell their childrens’ gently used clothing, shoes, toys, books, baby gear and anything kid-related that you can reasonably ship. The group is also an opportunity to personally engage with and grow your following.

How can I become a Seller?

To become a seller, you must be an established Mom Blogger with a minimum following of 5K followers on at least one channel. You will also need to become a member of the Blog Like a Mom Facebook Group here.This is where we share info and tips about selling and shipping online.

To apply to become a seller, fill out the Google Form here and request to join Blog Like a Mom. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be sent an email with payment information for both the Activation Fee and your first month’s subscription fee. Once the fees are paid, you can announce your participation to your followers on your most effective channels. The more followers you bring, the more successful your sales will be. Finally, after announcing, you will share screenshots of your shares to a post in the Blog Like a Mom Group, which will prompt an admin to grant you posting approval in the group.. 

How much does it cost to be a seller?

The Blogger’s Closet – Kids Edition has the following fee structure:

Activation Fee: The activation fee varies by the number of followers on your largest channel. It covers application review, support getting up and running as well as advice on how to most successfully share your participation in the group with your followers. Both your success and the groups’ success are reliant on our Sellers’ ability to help build the group. This is why the activation fees range from $0 – $100 depending on size. 

Monthly Subscription: The monthly fee covers ongoing support within the group including, but not limited to vetting and approving new members, assisting in dispute resolution + seller mentoring and training. As the admin of 4 large children’s clothing BST groups, I have significant experience in both efficiently selling and fairly moderating disputes.  The monthly subscription fee is $20 and is the same for all sellers. It is billed automatically through Paypal. There are no refunds, when you cancel mid-month, the subscription will end at the end of the current term.  

Re-Activation Fee: Being a Seller on The Bloggers Closet – Kids Edition is meant to be a long term selling solution, not a pop-on, sell, pop off situation. While you may not always have items to sell, there will be opportunities to showcase and promote your blog through giveaways, Seller Bios and more. The end-goal is to create a strong, active, engaged community of Mom Bloggers and a very targeted group of followers (and potential followers). Therefore the reactivation fee is $75, regardless of following. If you are looking for a short term solution, reach out to admins for pricing.

Transaction Fees: There are no transaction level fees beyond what you pay to Paypal (2.9%+ $0.30) per transaction and shipping costs (which you would pay on any platform).

That Sounds Expensive. WhY Not Just sell on Ebay, Poshmark or Kidizen?

Actually, for anyone selling any volume of items, it is extremely cost-effective.  Over the past month I have had just over $4,400 in sales in the Kids group. Had I paid to access the group, it would have cost me $20 to access the platform (with over 50K followers), even if I only had 5000 followers, the investment would have been $120. On Ebay, the final value fees would have been around $440 (10%) + a per listing charge, on Kidizen, the fees would have been $528 (12%) + $0.50/item. On Poshmark, the fees would have been a whopping $880 (20%).  Annually for someone with 5000 followers the cost of the group is $340, over 10K followers $290, over 25K followers $265 and for those with more than 50K followers, just $240. Similarly, none of the other platforms will give your blog the same level of increased exposure or allow the same one x one interaction which breeds a loyal following.

I've never sold on Facebook, How do I get started?

First, familiarize yourself with some background info from the blog posts below. It’s also helpful to take a peek at the sales posts in the group to get a feel for prices and how items are listed. You can also ask any questions in our Blog Like a Mom Group. Join here!

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